What Kind Of Church Are We?

Great question. We’re part of something called the Church of God movement, which is distinguished by a major centre in Anderson, Indiana. The name may sound a bit egotistical, but don’t fear, we don’t mean it to say we are God’s church and no one else is. The Church of God movement began with a desire for Christians to come together in unity as one church. The name “Church of God” was selected because of its common use in the Bible about the church. It started in the USA in the 1880’s and has since spread around the world. Church of God groups around the world associate with one another for the common purposes of mission, theological dialogue, and ecumenical initiatives.

We are a church, coming from something called the holiness movement (key words to search on wikipedia: Wesleyan, Arminian, Anabaptist, Free-church, Protestant). We don’t hold a formal membership (though many congregations create annual lists of voters for business purposes). We tend to hold a commitment to seeking what Christians have in common and to build on those things rather than emphasizing differences. We believe strongly in the work of God’s Spirit in the church and in the lives of individuals to:
     -make us aware of our need for change and transformation
     -convince us that we are loved and accepted, forgiven of all wrongs
     -give us new life
-help us to understand and apply the teachings of the Bible
     -make us more like Jesus in character
-give us giftings and abilities for service
-grant us courage to share the truth we experience.